Get to Know us

At Celebron we recognize that people are our greatest assets. The success of the company is defined by the success of our customers and success of our employees. Therefore, we evaluate a person’s strengths and interests and design a job profile based on this. We set up our employees to excel so that Celebron can excel.

Our services are used in countless ways to ensure that our customers excel in their markets. You will find us providing support in many different ways from cost reduction and process excellence to increasing sales and brand awareness- all this resulting, ultimately in greater profitability for our customers.

Team Spirit

As business models go, we’re big admirers of the beehive. It’s all about collaboration, you see. Everyone here works together to achieve a common goal in creating better change for our clients. But we also respect each other’s individuality. Because that’s what adds value to the team.


Diversity is deeply engrained in our culture. Not purely because we are from different places and regions. But for us, diversity goes further and encompasses many more dimensions such as gender, disability, ethnicity, age and lifestyle.

Employee Testimonials

“Celebron provides me with great opportunities to work on projects that not only excite me but also enrich my career development. People are friendly and especially my Boss, who always answers my questions very patiently. Celebron is one of the best employers I have ever worked for !! - Mohd Wahed Ali