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Celebron has been selected for the 2013 United States Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Trade & Commerce Institute (USTCI).

The Ideal Outsourcing Destination - A Success Story Celebron evaluates to choose the ideal outsourcing destination.

Celebron to implement a strategy to improve employee productivity.

Technocentra selects Celebron for defining and implementing investor readiness strategy.

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Top 5 Mid-Cap Companies With High Dividend Yield and Low PE | Nov 29, 2013

Indian investors have always fancied stocks that give good dividends. Although large-cap stocks are good at giving consistent dividends when it comes to dividend yield they score low. Here in this article, we presenting to you the top 5 companies in the mid-cap space that have a high dividend yield and which are also trading at low PE levels. We have considered mid-cap companies whose market capitalisation is more than Rs 250 crore and less than or equal to Rs 1000 crore.

Rei Agro: REI Agro is the largest basmati rice processing and marketing company in the globe. From modest beginnings in 1996, the company has grown to hold the largest market share of the basmati rice segment worldwide. Today, REI Agro is an integrated player undertaking activities right from procuring paddy to drying, de-husking, milling and polishing, colour sorting, grading, inspection, packing, branding, distribution and retailing.

The company has secured the top spot on our list, with a dividend yield of 8.4% and a current PE level of 3.84x. The latest market capitalisation of the company stands at Rs 570.01 crore.

IL&FS Investment Managers: IL&FS Investment Managers (IIML), a subsidiary of IL&FS, is one of the oldest and largest private equity fund managers in India, with over USD 3.2 billion under management. Established in 1989, IIML has been an early (in many instances, the first) investor across various sectors such as Telecom, City Gas Distribution, Shipyards, Retail and Media. The funds managed by IIML now span General Purpose Private Equity, Real Estate and Infrastructure.

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