Turnkey Recruitment Solutions

The purpose of turnkey recruitment solution is to meet all the recruitment needs efficiently. Turnkey Recruitment services is one of the best and reliable options for all the clients who require lot of employees. We also offer clients Turnkey Recruitment Services that are designed to successfully meet their complete staffing/recruitment needs. We mobilize our internal resources to process large volume responses, manage selection of required personnel, including management of administrative details and logistics.

We also enable extensive pre screening and evaluation of profiles to get the best and most promising professional. We customize end to end recruitment solutions with a focus to minimize on cost of recruitment and to ensure optimal results. Our USP is to provide recruitments from the junior most to the senior levels and take care of the entire process from placing advertisement to in house services. Our extensive database ,well defined and planned approach allows us to provide client specific requirement at economical rates.

Our Strategy

For start-ups and expansions where organizations seek to fill in multiple positions, ranging from the top to junior levels, across different functions and departments, the turnkey recruitment solution proves efficient. In such cases the recruitment strategy involves an effective combination of products to meet all recruitment needs.

Depending on the size and nature of operations, we recommended methods of reaching out to the targeted candidates.

For leadership and executive positions, Executive Search is recommended.

For the senior and middle levels, a mix of Executive Search and Selection is suggested.

Our team interacts closely with the client while planning and executing the recruitment strategy. We analyze the organization chart, suggest changes if need be and fine tune job descriptions.

A dedicated account manager and team will closely monitor time-lines, quality and the recruitment path.

We advise clients on the following:

Source of talent pool.

Projected size of talent pool.

Probable motivation for the candidates to seek the change.

Projected cost for each position.

Projected time frame for the candidates to join the client.