Case Studies

Lets have a look at some of the Case Studies.

Case Study - Ntranga

Thursday 30th August, 2013.

The Challenge

For easyhome time management was a concern and the requirement was for "PeopleSoft Finance Technical". The time the internal recruitment team spent manually posting jobs was preventing the proper amount of time being spent on assessing and selecting the right candidates.

The Solution

Ntranga required a solution that would increase their visitor-to-applicant conversion rates while freeing up the internal recruitment team's time to focus more on assessing and selecting the right candidates. The profiles for which our client looking was basically not an easy task to do. Finally, with an intensive search, we were sucessful in providing the profiles what exactly Ntranga needs.

Case Study - People Combine Group

Wednesday 7th May, 2014.

The Challenge

People Combine Group came to Celebron Solutions looking for the profiles which used aggressive sourcing tactics to find top talent for their full-time sales associate and management position, especially in tough-to-fill regions.

The Solution

Celebron Solutions has streamlined People Combine Group’ recruitment and hiring process, working within our Corporate recruitment framework for Corporate-Owned Locations and the Outsourced Recruiting Services that come with it. We has provided aggressive sourcing tactics that include client-branded career sites, social media strategies and integration, resume database postings, and other cutting-edge techniques to drive top talent into the People Combine Group applicant pool.