Temporary Staffing

In today’s uncertain economic climate, businesses must be able to plan and adapt to meet changing staffing requirements. Employment Plus provides our clients with workforce solutions to meet those needs. Celebron assists corporate clients in their staffing requirements by providing contractual or temporary manpower. The perfect solution for industries where order fluctuation or seasonal demand usually means expensive layoffs, Celebron temporary staffing services offer the flexibility your business needs. You decide when and where you need staff – Celebron is there to help. Our exclusive Plus Process allows us to recruit, hire, prepare, manage and retain associates who meet the needs of your business.

We work with our clients in hiring or identification of temporary resources and take on the selected resources on our payroll for providing services to the client. Alternatively we also take on our payroll, resources pre-identified by clients or existing through some other arrangement. Celebron takes complete responsibility for all HR Administrative activities, statutory employee benefits and compliances for the outsourced resources. The operational and performance related aspects are monitored by the client and the client retains complete control of the same.

Our Approach of Staffing

It is difficult to motivate candidates to take up temporary positions and making them believe in the benefits of such positions. You will require a fair understanding of the local trends, positive branding and a flexible approach to achieve your goals in such cases. And we proudly claim that we can take care of these issues and arrange for you a suitable, motivated and eager-to-work kind of work force.

We take care of:

Legal issues.

Consultative approach with clients.

Short listing candidates with required skill set and validating through reference checks etc.

Making candidates understand the terms and conditions and educating them about the benefits.

Interviewing and speeding up the recruitment process.


Ideal and cost-effective recruitment.